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Kamran Matin

DPhil International Relations

Academic Profile

BA Development Studies (East Anglia, 2002); MSc Social Research Methods (Sussex, 2003); DPhil International Relations (Sussex, 2008)

Sample Publications

Recasting Iranian Modernity: International Relations and Social Change [Routledge Iranian Studies Series] (London & New York, 2013). Redeeming the universal: postcolonialism and the inner life of Eurocentrism. European Journal of International Relations, 19(2): 353-377 'Uneven and Combined Development in World History: The International Relations of State-formation in Premodern Iran', European Journal of International Relations, 13(3): 419-447 (Sep. 2007). 'Decoding Political Islam: Uneven and Combined Development and Ali Shariati's Political Thought', in Shilliam, R., ed., International Relations and Non-Western Thought: Imperialism, Colonialism and Investigations of Global Modernity (London: Routledge, 2010).

Current Position

Associate Professor in International Relations, Sussex University